Eyecare for Employees including VDU Testing

If you need a Corporate Eyecare scheme to cover all your employees eyecare needs, our great scheme enables your employees to benefit from some very special offers, in addition to a range of vital optical services.

Benefits for you and your employees

By taking advantage of our Corporate Eyecare scheme, you will be fulfilling your duty of care, hassle free. The scheme also offers rewards for your employees and their families by providing them with valuable eyecare benefits. We offer excellent customer service, and with over 170 branches nationwide, there is great choice and convenience for you and your employees. Unlike some other optical eyecare schemes, we do not charge your company to sign up.

VDU Testing

Employees who regularly use a VDU as part of their work are entitled to have regular VDU eye tests, paid for by their employer, under European Health and Safety Law. The employer is also obliged to pay for a pair of basic glasses if they are specifically and exclusively for VDU use.

Scrivens Opticians VDU Eye Examinations Service:

  • All VDU users will receive a full eye test, giving consideration to their occupational needs and the appropriate visual standards
  • A special VDU report form will be issued to the Company, specifying whether a correction is required specifically for VDU use
  • For this service, we charge a reduced Corporate VDU fee

Scrivens Opticians VDU Glasses Service:

  • Only a small proportion of VDU users receiving a full eye examination will require correction specifically for VDU use
  • If the glasses are used for any other purpose, the employer is not obliged to bear the cost
  • Spectacles that are specifically for VDU use are generally a single vision correction
  • The cost of such VDU glasses starts at an inclusive price of £55 for frames and standard single vision lenses
  • Should employees wish to choose from our full range of frames and lenses, they are free to do so. Any additional cost incurred will be payable by the individual employee

Great discounts available

Our Corporate Eyecare scheme offers you and your employees discounted eye tests, money off glasses and contact lenses, as well as a range of benefits that apply to your employees and their family. In addition to the optical offers, we also provide free hearing health checks and money off hearing aids and hearing protection for you and your employees.


To find out more about the Scrivens Corporate Eyecare scheme, speak to your local branch or call us on 0800 626 427.

Corporate Eyecare Scheme