How to choose glasses based on your hair colour

Post on 1st December 2016

Picking out the right pair of glasses is no easy task. With a number of things to consider, such as face shape, type of prescription and designer names, it’s important to think long and hard before you make your final decision. One factor that’s often forgotten when purchasing a new pair of frames, is how to coordinate them with your own hair colour.

At Scrivens, we offer professional advice to help you get the most out of your glasses. So, whether you’re fair when it comes to hair, all over auburn or consider yourself a silver fox, our interactive guide will help you choose the perfect pair. Ensure your glasses go the extra mile by selecting the frames that compliment your face, making you look and feel your best.

From tortoiseshell to something more colourful, making sure you’re getting it right when it comes to matching to hair tone will ensure your money has been well spent. When looking for new glasses, we consider our face shape and eye colour, so why not include shades of hair colour in the decision process, too? You may think you’re doing the right thing by coordinating your glasses with the exact same colour of your hair, or perhaps opting for thick frames in order to stand out, yet many people are not aware that this could cause colour clashing. Check out our tips before you buy and you’ll surely be onto a winner!

Take a look at our guide below, but if you require more information about how to find the right style for you, we’ve got plenty of hints and tips here.