World Exclusive Colour Changing Specs!

The issue of people missing eye test appointments is about to become a thing of the past thanks to the ingenuity of our technical team.

We have launched (April 1) the world’s first colour changing lenses that signal when someone needs to have their eyes checked.

The specially designed lenses, RedVision©, that use the very latest smart technology, were the brainchild of Luke Attdat, who works for the research & development (R&D) team at Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care.

Day 1 Day 182 Day 365 Day 730

Just 38 per cent of British adults have their eyes tested every two years and only 46 per cent of those who already wear glasses continue to get regular checks.

Luke said: “There is a clear issue with people missing their eye appointments, so I was inspired to find a solution.  With advances in technology we can now programme the lenses to go red when an eye test is due, so there is no risk of not getting yourself seen.”

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