If you’ve started having difficulty reading your text messages and have noticed you now have to hold your phone further away than normal to read them, you could be showing signs of presbyopia.

How do I know if I have presbyopia?

Slowly but surely, your eyes age, and over time they start to lose their flexibility, making it harder to focus light passing through them. The most common sign of this is having to hold things further away, such as a phone or menu, to make it appear less blurry.

Other early signs of presbyopia can be:

  • Finding it hard to read in low light or late at night
  • Getting heavy eyes or headaches after reading for a long time
  • Straining your eyes to read small print or a text message

It’s important to remember that presbyopia is completely normal and your optician can guide you through the best options.

Change your eyesight, not your look or lifestyle

We are working with Alcon to offer a range of multifocal contact lenses that have been specifically designed to correct presbyopia. So if you’re looking for clear, comfortable, uninterrupted vision from near too far, all day long, they’re a great alternative to glasses.

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