Coronavirus FAQ

What should I do if I have a concern about my eyes?

If you have any concerns about your eyes you should contact us. We are here to help.
If you experience sudden onset of any of the following symptoms you should contact us as soon as you can:
• loss of vision
• blurred vision
• pain with or without discharge
• light sensitivity
• double vision
• flashes of light in your vision
• disturbances in your vision
• new floating bits in your vision

If you have sudden onset loss of vision or double vision outside normal working hours please contact NHS 111 or your local hospital A&E department for advice. Do not ignore these symptoms or wait until after the Covid-19 situation has eased.

If you have a hearing loss or are Deaf, then you should call

England – NHS 111 (BSL) interpreter service
Wales –NHS 111 Wales BSL service
or 18001 111 on a textphone.

If you are looking for general information about your eyes from a trusted source, the NHS recommends the  College of Optometrists, website This is a very useful and evidence-based resource and free to access.

Are you open and can I access eye care?

Yes, we are open and you can access essential eye care from us.  We ask you do not visit a store but contact us in the first instance so we can assess your individual needs. We will then arrange the support you need.

Please note at present due to a national shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) we have suspended face-to-face contacts within 2 metres. This is to comply with the safety advice from public health authorities and our scientific body, the College of Optometrists. Like all other health services we are working hard to obtain appropriate supplies of PPE in order to continue offering face-to-face appointments whenever it is safe to do so.

I have broken my glasses, what can I do?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact us page or call free on 0800 626 427 and let us know the problem. Our team will be in touch to see how we can help.

I’m a contact lens customer but not a member of Lensplan. Will I be able to get a supply of my contact lenses while the branches are closed?

During this time, we can organise for your contact lenses to be sent directly to your home. Please email us via our contact us page and we will be in touch to arrange everything with you.

I have ordered some glasses, how do I collect these?

If you have previously had notification that your glasses are ready to collect from your local branch then we are in the process in posting them out to you. This is being done on an individual branch basis but we are hoping to have this completed over the next week.

If you placed an order recently but have not had confirmation that your glasses are ready to collect yet, our prescription house (where your glasses are manufactured) is working hard to complete the orders and post your glasses to you so that you do not have to travel to collect them. Where we are dependent on external suppliers there may be some delay. Our customer service team will keep you updated on your order and we will aim to deliver your glasses to you as soon as we possibly can.

We would of course prefer to fit your glasses perfectly before you wear them but this is not possible during the Covid-19 pandemic as soon as we are back to normal we look forward to welcoming you back in store to ensure they are exactly how you need them to be.

My hearing aid is in for a repair, will I get it back?

As soon as we have your hearing aid back from the supplier we will post it back to you. If it is still at the supplier, we are working with them to understand the status of each repair. Our customer service team will be in touch as soon as we have an update for you.

We would ask for your patience and understanding at this difficult time and will do our best to get your hearing aid back to you as soon as we possibly can.

I’m a Lensplan customer, will I still get my lenses?

Yes you will. For customers who normally receive your replacement lenses by post you will continue to receive these when you are due to receive them. For customers who normally collect their lenses from their local branch, we have made special arrangements to send these by post to your home address until further notice.

I need new batteries for my NHS hearing aid

If you get your batteries by post, you will continue to receive them. If you would normally get them from a branch, please email us at when you are running out and we will send you a new supply.

Should I stop wearing my contact lenses?

Wearing contact lenses is safe, however it is crucial that you wash your hands with soap and water and dry them with unused paper towels before putting your lenses in your eyes or when removing them.

Contact lens wearers with cold/flu/COVID-19 symptoms should stop wearing until at least 24 hours after all symptoms have resolved. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Do I need to change my contact lens case more frequently?

We advise that you replace your contact lens cases at least every month. To clean your contact lens case:

  1. After putting your contact lenses in your eyes, empty the contact lens case of the old solution
  2. Rinse your case with fresh contact lens solution
  3. Allow the contact lens case to air-dry, upside down on a clean tissue

I don’t want to touch my face, should I stop using my eye drops?

It is important that you continue to use your eye drops and make sure you’re thoroughly washing your hands before putting the drops in your eyes

What should I do if I have a red eye?

A red eye is usually nothing to worry about and often gets better on its own. If you are a contact lens wearer, it’s important to stop wearing your contact lenses until the red eye has resolved. Sometimes a red eye can indicate something more serious, contact us if you experience any light sensitivity, pain or a decrease in vision.

What should I do if my vision has changed?

A change in vision could indicate a change in prescription and normally requires updating your spectacles. Please contact us if you experience a sudden change in vision so that we can rule out any serious problem.