Can I pay the full price of the frame online rather than just the £10 reservation fee?

No. Our ‘Click & Collect’ system is designed to allow you to reserve one or more frames that you’d like to try on in branch for a £10 fee.

I’ve chosen a frame and branch but have decided on a different branch, what do I do?

Contact us on [email protected] as soon as you can. We’ll arrange for a frame to be sent to the new branch. Once it’s there, we’ll get in touch and let you know.

Can I ‘transfer’ my reservation fee to another frame I see in the branch if I don’t like the one I’ve chosen?

Yes of course you can.

If I can’t get into the branch for any reason, how long will you keep my frames?

We’ll keep your frames for one week following receipt at the branch. If we have not heard from you, the frame will be returned and we will refund your debit/credit card.

What if I change my mind before the frames arrive at the branch?

That’s not a problem. Email us at [email protected] and confirm that you’d like to cancel your order. We’ll then arrange for your debit/credit card to be refunded.

Can I have plain lenses put in my frames if I don’t need a prescription?

Yes, we can supply them with plano lenses for you, there will be an additional cost for these lenses. Our staff will be happy to explain this in more detail when you visit the branch.

Are the prices shown online for complete glasses?

No, the prices shown are for just the frames. There will be an additional cost for your lenses based on your prescription. Our staff will be happy to explain this in more detail when you visit the branch.

Can I buy just the frames?

No, we can only supply these frames when purchased as a complete pair of glasses.

How long does it take for the frames to get to the branch I’ve chosen?

We will aim to get your frame to your chosen branch within two to three working days. We will contact you as soon as they arrive so please wait for us to get in touch. If you have arranged an eye test as well as reserve a frame, we’ll make sure your frame is at the branch on your eye test appointment date.

Can I reserve more than one frame?

Yes of course. You just need to bear in mind that the reservation fee is paid on a per frame basis. So if you reserve five frames, the total amount payable will be £50. The maximum number of frames you can reserve in a single transaction is ten.