How much do hearing aid batteries cost?

One thing people worry about is the financial aspect of having hearing aids, and the maintenance that comes with them. However, they might not be as expensive as you think – hearing aids themselves range in prices depending on the kind you get, and some can even be prescribed through the NHS. In addition to this, if your hearing aids have been prescribed by the NHS, this may also include your hearing aid batteries, meaning they are free of charge.

However, if you are responsible for paying for your own hearing aids, you will also need to buy hearing aid batteries. Luckily, hearing aid batteries are very inexpensive, usually costing between £1 and £3 for a multipack. Depending on the size of your battery and the hearing aids that you wear, this will impact how long your batteries actually last and thus how expensive they become. However, if you are wearing your hearing aids for up to 16 hours a day, a battery should, on average, last between one and two weeks.

Hearing aids and hearing aid batteries do not have to be an unwanted expense – visit your local Scrivens Hearing Care branch to discuss your options with a member of staff.