How to buy hearing aids online

If you have noticed a decline in your hearing and you are interested in finding more about how we can help you, there are a number of options. Firstly, we recommend you take our online hearing test, and if the results of this tell you to have a further hearing assessment, simply pop into a Scrivens Hearing Care branch to arrange an appointment. However, if you complete the online hearing test and it reassures you that your hearing is satisfactory, but you are still concerned, you should definitely still enquire about a hearing assessment in your local branch.

Following your hearing assessment, if you have been advised by your Hearing Aid Audiologist to wear aids to improve your hearing, it will be time to find the right ones for you. Although you may have browsed Scrivens’ range of hearing aids online, the best way to choose and purchase hearing aids is by trying out a few different styles and designs.

When you have tried out a few different hearing aid options, it will be time to decide which ones are best for you personally – the reason it’s so important to try them on and see what you’re comfortable with is that they are all so different. For example, In the Ear (ITE) hearing aids fit into the bowl shaped area of your outer ear instead of inside the ear canal, On the Ear (OTE) hearing aids are small and subtle and available in a variety of designs, and Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aids provide the most power, as well as being able to handle moderate to severe hearing loss.