How to get hearing aids for free

One thing many people worry about is the cost of hearing aids, as well as the maintenance that goes with them; however, many of our hearing aids are not as expensive as you might expect. If you have visited your doctor about a decline in your hearing who has then referred you to Scrivens Hearing Care through the NHS, you may be eligible to receive hearing aids for free.

Scrivens Hearing Care works with the NHS to provide free hearing aids where possible, as well as the best hearing assessments and aftercare possible. The best bit is we can often fit many of our patients on the same day as their assessment appointment, so most people can start benefitting from clearer hearing straight away.

If you are concerned about your hearing but haven’t yet been for a hearing assessment, either visit your GP our pop in to your local Scrivens branch to discuss what the best options are for you. Many people get nervous about hearing assessments for a number of reasons, but there is nothing to be worried about – the assessments are relatively quick, they’re pain free and our staff will do all they can to help resolve any problems you have been having with your hearing.