What are On The Ear (OTE) hearing aids?

On The Ear hearing aids, also known as over the ear hearing aids are very similar to Behind The Ear hearing aids as they incorporate a sound processor as well as a receiver that sits comfortably on the ear. On The Ear hearing aids can be a great deal smaller than BTE hearing aids yet use a similar design.

A slimline case houses the electronics that is connected to the ear bud via a thin, almost unnoticeable transparent tube. This ear bud, unlike BTE hearing aids, allows natural sound to enter the ear and does not block out external noises, reducing the “plugged” feeling sometimes associated with hearing aids.

On The Ear hearing aids are often the best choice for people with cosmetic concerns as they are very discreet and are hardly noticeable. However, Scrivens Hearing Care can offer a wide range of colours to suit all tastes and styles.

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