Nikon SeeCoat Drive

In the dark, our vision is reduced by the reflection and glare on our lenses, especially while driving. This can be disorienting and potentially dangerous for drivers, as it can take longer to detect hazards and obstacles on the road, and have a huge effect on our confidence.

SeeCoat Drive by Nikon removes some of the dazzling effects of glare to offer you an enhanced performance for driving. It also offers an advanced everyday solution for daytime wear too – so it is perfect for your everyday pair of glasses!

Available on all types of lens design: Single Vision and Varifocals

Complete protection all day Reduced perception of glare


With SeeCoat by Nikon, you can guarantee a high standard in spectacle lens technology, with the following benefits on all of their SeeCoat solutions:


Anti-reflection  Scratch Resistant  Smudge Resistant  Dust Repellent  UV Protection


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