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Types of lens

No matter what your prescription, there are lenses available to suit your eyecare needs and style requirements. Whether you need single vision lenses or varifocals, from ultra thin lenses, to Transitions®, there is something to suit you.

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Single Vision

Single vision lenses are the basic lens you will need if you are short or long-sighted. They are made to your prescription, and unlike Varifocals, they only correct one type of eye sight problem. They are also available as High Definition, Thin & Lite, Transitions® and with an anti-reflection coating or tint.


If you have glasses for reading and distance, it can be frustrating to have to keep swapping between them. Varifocals are the ideal solution, as they correct both distance and reading prescriptions. Also known as multifocals, they have multiple focus points to give you clear vision at various distances, so you will be able to switch between reading and other activities with ease, and without changing your glasses. Varifocal lenses have no dividing line, so look the same as single vision lenses. Varifocals are also available as High Definition, Thin and Lite lenses and Transitions®.

Lens Options

Apart from selecting a single-vision or varifocal lens for your glasses, you can also add other options depending on your personal requirements

High Definition

Our High Definition, or HD, lenses, offer the best level of vision whether in single vision or varifocal lenses. They offer amazing clarity and sharper vision than standard lenses, giving you the best eye sight possible when wearing your glasses.

Anti- Reflective Coating

An anti-reflection coating gives your glasses a clear, crisp look, so other people can see your eyes and not reflected light. They also reduce glare, making them extremely effective in artificial light, such as in offices, at night and when driving. You can have an anti-reflection coating on many different lens options, including Transitions® and varifocals, and comes as standard on our HD and Thin & Lite lenses.


You can choose from a range of different tints giving you fully customised glasses. A number of the tints available also offer full protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The tints are available in High Definition, single vision and varifocal lenses.

Thin & Lite

These lenses are made from a special material so they are thinner and lighter than standard lenses. The thinness of the lenses give them a sharper look, especially in rimless or half rim frames, and if you have a high prescription. The lenses are also lighter in feel and more comfortable to wear. You can have your Thin & Lite lenses as single vision, varifocals, and Transitions® and combined with HD lenses.