NHS or Private

Hearing aids can make a big difference in the quality of life for people who have difficulties with their hearing.  Choosing whether to get a hearing aid free from the NHS or pay to have one from a Private supplier can be a difficult decision for some. The information below explains the differences between the NHS and Private options available.


How do I get a hearing aid through the NHS?

The very first thing you will need to do is get your hearing checked to see if you do have a hearing loss that can be helped with hearing aids. You’ll need to visit your GP and they will refer you to a local NHS accredited provider if they believe you require a more complete hearing assessment.  Should hearing aids be required the same provider will fit you with your NHS hearing aids.


As an NHS Adult Hearing Care provider Scrivens Hearing Care is now offering a directly bookable service via NHS e-Referral. This will not only speed up assessment waiting times but also provide you with peace of mind that your appointment has been confirmed.

As part of our ongoing aim to provide choice and accessibility for our NHS hearing patients, allowing your GP to book directly into our appointment diaries, either into one of our high street branches or in medical centres where we provide a service, is excellent news for you.

What do I pay?

NHS hearing aids are free of charge even if you decide to have them from a high street supplier. You will also receive a regular supply of free batteries and any aftercare or servicing that may be required.

Waiting times

At Scrivens Hearing Care we can see people within two weeks of receiving a referral from their GP. In the majority of cases, the assessment and hearing aid fitting is carried out on the same day so there is no need for a return appointment.


How do I get a hearing aid privately?

Just like getting NHS hearing aids, the very first thing to do is get your hearing checked by one of our Hearing Aid Audiologists (HAAs).  All of our HAAs are fully qualified and are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. Unlike NHS hearing aids, you do not need to be referred by your GP and we can see you at a time most suitable for you.

Why go private?

The main advantage of private hearing aids is that there is a greater choice available which means your hearing aids will be more customised to your personal requirements. There is also a wider choice of styles available (including custom ‘in the ear’ models which are even more discreet), as well as different sizes and colours. 

How much do they cost?

Our programmable digital hearing aids start from just £300 for one and £495 for a pair and come in a variety of styles.  The price of your hearing aids will depend on several factors including your individual hearing requirements, your lifestyle and the functions and options you wish to include. Details about all of the hearing aids in our range can be found here.

Scrivens Hearing Care also provides a comprehensive free aftercare programme which means you have access to your Hearing Aid Audiologist whenever you require assistance or wish to discuss any concerns you may have.

When having a private hearing aid you will need to bear in mind that there will be an additional cost for batteries and servicing. It is also recommended you insure your hearing aid against damage, theft and loss.