Free Childrens Eyecare

Free eye care for children

No one should go without routine eye care and vision correction, especially children. As children grow their vision changes and undetected vision problems may get them frustrated or bored as they cannot see clearly. If you notice that your child is moving closer to objects, squinting, or switching off one eye, they are probably struggling to see through and it’s time for an eye exam.

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What should you expect from children’s eye exams?

The NHS recommends that children should have their eyes examined at least once every 2 years and this is why it offers free eye tests for children.  The optometrist will do a physical exam of your child’s eyes and also do vision screenings using eye chart tests, pictures, and letters. After the exam, you will know whether your childlren’s vision is perfect or needs glasses. If your children need glasses our experts will help you find the right ones.

Are my children eligible for a free NHS eye test?

Free eye care for children. All children under 16, or under 19 and in full-time education are entitled to a free NHS eye test. If you are interested in learning more about the eligibility criteria for adults, visit our free NHS eye tests.