PowerTel 1780 Amplified Cordless Telephone

Item NO. PowerTel 1780

Amplified Cordless telephone with HD Sound and Tone Control, with integrated answering machine.


Code: 906405

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Handset features:
■ 4-line extra-large LC display, 40 x 32 mm (two lines of numbers and letters, one line of symbols and one line with date/time), bright backlit display
■ Hearing aid-compatible, compliant to standard EN 300381
■ Audio assistant improves the sound quality and increases the volume during calls
■ Extra loud adjustable receiver volume +30dB (Frontal Boost Button on handset for easy recognition)
■ Extra Loud adjustable ringer volume +80dB
■ Equalizer with 4 settings (natural, treble1, treble2, bass)
■ Extra Bright Visual Ringer Indicator
■ Hands-free speakerphone

Special features:
■ Reminder function: Pre-recorded voice reminder of an event at a pre-set times (once/daily/weekly/monthly) ideal for medication reminders
■ HD sound quality for users with digital or VOIP telephone lines. Increased HD frequency range (20Hz-8000Hz) compared to standard DECT phones (300Hz-3400Hz) delivers wider range of sounds, for better hearing of high frequency sounds at all levels of hearing loss