PowerTel M9500 Amplified Easy to Use Android Smartphone

Item NO. PowerTel M9500

Amplified Easy to Use Android Smartphone with 5″ touch screen display, unique easy to use operating system, Wifi connectivity and GPS localisation on the SOS function.


Code: 905248

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■ Simplified user interface to avoid misusage
■ Most efficient hearing aid compatibility M4/T4
■ Family support from external for easy assistance
■ SOS function by physical button
■ Uniquely developed (Patent pending) senior friendly touch buttons
■ Call-In function : Family member can call in and talk or listen to their relatives (Burst Call)
■ Built-in Help screens, easy to access and understand
■ One message center – regardless if message coming by mail, WhatsApp or SMS or other notifications like Pills
■ Full size always landscape keyboard incl. option to use voice instead of typing
■ Boost function to enhance the speaker volume with physical key, up to 40 dB
■ Extra loud ring tone up to 90 dB
■ Adjustable interface according to capability of user
■ Torch function with direct access by physical button