Starkey Muse i1600




One of our premium level range the Muse i1600 hearing system has 16 channels and for precise sound imaging, providing good performance at work, home, conversation, worship, outdoors and restaurant. These aids work wirelessly together and scan the environment adapting giving you the best result effortlessly when you want to hear speech in all sorts of environments. Ear to ear directionality will help when hearing speech in demanding situations. Ear to ear phone streaming makes hearing on the phone easier. Extended band width and music optimisation will increase your pleasure when listening to music. We can add options where you can hear a mobile or TV directly into your hearing aids.

Rechargeable hearing aids are a real winner when it comes to convenience and for those of you who struggle to change standard batteries due to dexterity they will provide more independence.

The main features are:
• Place your aids onto the charger and batteries charge in the hearing aid.
• Charger 240v English plug or USB.
• Charging takes approximately 4 hours.
• Charge lasts a full days wear (16 hours, this can vary depending on usage of streaming).
• Low battery warning then standard zinc air batteries can be also be used meaning that if you run out of charge you still have a back up.

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