Forever Ray-Ban® is about keeping the brand clear and strong for all time. It is a brand strategy built around a core set of values from which constant re-invention can happen. The brand can experiment, refresh itself continuously staying true to its own set of rules…THE MOST FASHIONABLE THING YOU CAN BE IS YOU!

Ray-Ban created mass sunglasses. In every time Ray-Ban has showed innovation in style or function. All the protagonists of the pop culture of the 20th cent. wore and loved the brand. This deep is a competitive advantage no other brand can ever match.
Ray-Ban was in style 30 years ago as it is today and as it will be 20 years from now. The simplicity, cleanness, essentiality of some of its styles transcend eyewear to become milestones of design.

Ray-Ban has always been about glasses and glasses only. Throughout its history the brand has remained true to its spirit. Ray-Ban is the real thing, everything else is an imitation.
ICONOCLASTIC COOL Ray-Ban has always been loved by mavericks and rebels. Some of the coolest and edgiest personalities and celebrities enjoy a special relationship with the brand.
Courage is in the brand’s DNA nPilots, generals, outdoorsmen, riders and rockers of all trades wore the brand and lent it their brave spirit.

Ray-Ban is the brand that introduced 100% UV protection, pioneered mirror coatings and color enhancing lenses. The uncompromising quality of Ray-Ban frames and lenses is recognized by all consumers.