Revolutionary new aid to hear people’s thoughts unveiled!

An advanced research project by the world’s leading neuroscientists has made an astonishing technological breakthrough – a hearing aid that can help read people’s thoughts.

The ‘tel-ear-pathy’ device unveiled today, April 1st, will only be available through selected specialist companies chosen after meeting strict criteria to pilot its use.

Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care can today announce it has been selected to market these revolutionary hearing aids.

The £50,000 cost reflects the significant investment in development research so this will put these amazing hearing aids out of reach for many.

Scrivens special projects director Avril Jests said: “We have witnessed incredible advances in hearing aid technology over the years but nothing like this. We are amazed at what the ‘telearpathy’ aids can do.”

“Our company was put in a global ballot to help pilot these devices after showing we had a history of responsible hearing care services.

“We could not believe it when we were chosen and it’s been difficult keeping this big secret under wraps until now.”

Those fortunate enough to be able to access them will also have to be screened to see if they are suitable recipients.

People will have to show they will use their mind reading powers responsibly and only use them for positive purposes.

One participant said “I’ve always suspected my husband didn’t really like my lasagne, now I know for sure!”

With the tel-ear-pathy device you no longer need to rely on conventional audio frequencies to be able to hear what someone is trying to say. You can hear what they are actually thinking.

The cutting edge sonic capability of the device can actually sense the vibrations of a person’s brain. It then uses a highly capable amplifier to enhance and decode the subconscious thoughts a person makes into the audible range. This is then played back through the hearing aid.

The technology looks promising in a number for fields, it’s thought the next development will be to communicate with animals!



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