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Sounding out the benefits of chocolate

Post on Thu 23rd May 2019

Have you heard there’s a new study which suggests chocolate could protect middle-aged people from hearing loss?It certainly sounds too good to be true but doctors in Seoul, South Korea, found the rate of hearing loss among people aged from 40 to 64 was much lower in those who ate chocolate than those who did not.

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Eleanor has prize in her sights!

Post on Wed 15th May 2019

A delighted ten-year-old from West Hallam has her eyes on the prize after winning a national colouring competition in aid of charity.
Eleanor Attenborough won a set of books by children’s favourite David Walliams in our colouring competition and received her prize at its Ilkeston branch.

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Say again – the misused sayings that could hint at hearing loss

Post on Wed 24th Apr 2019

It’s International Noise Awareness Day today (24 April) when we are encouraged to consider the effects of noise on people’s life and health and what we can do about it. Trying to make out what is said in noisy environments is not just inconvenient; it can lead to misunderstandings and damage our hearing over time too. Research for Scrivens came up with a top ten of misused phrases or sayings that may have started off with someone simply not hearing them correctly in the first place.

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Noteworthy 40 years of service form Deborah

Post on Tue 16th Apr 2019

A popular dispensing optician who now sees the grandchildren of some of her original customers has celebrated 40 years at our Newquay branch. Deborah McLean was congratulated by colleagues and presented with flowers at Varnals Opticians (Part of the Scrivens group) on East Street and will receive a piano as a gift to recognise her loyal service.

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Show the love for your lenses

Post on Fri 22nd Mar 2019

Millions of people have opened their eyes to the benefits and freedom of using contact lenses and it’s easy to see why, for they are a great way to correct your vision.But research has shown that not all contact lens wearers know how to look after their lenses properly and don’t get round to having a contact lens check-up at least once a year at their opticians.

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Keeping sight of the value of eye tests

Post on Mon 11th Mar 2019

The importance of regular eye tests comes into focus in World Glaucoma Week (March 10-16).

Glaucoma is caused when pressure builds up inside the eye, damaging the optic nerve that connects the eye to the brain. As most types of glaucoma have no symptoms, a regular eye test is the best way to let you know if you have the condition.

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Heed the call on World Hearing Day!

Post on Sun 3rd Mar 2019

‘Check your hearing’ is the theme of today’s World Hearing Day (3 March) with the World Health Organization drawing attention to the importance of early identification and intervention for hearing loss.

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Love your hearing

Post on Mon 11th Feb 2019

we're issuing a Valentine’s Day plea to encourage people to have their hearing checked or risk losing out on the sounds they love.

Did you know one in six people have some degree of hearing loss but only around 40% of those who need hearing aids have them? We want people to show their hearing some love and have regular check-ups so they can truly appreciate the wonderful sounds around them.

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Reaching out in Tinnitus Week

Post on Mon 4th Feb 2019

‘You’re not alone’ is the message for Tinnitus Week (4-10 February) to help those with the condition feel less isolated.

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