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Study finds hearing aids may delay onset of dementia

Post on Wed 17th Jul 2019

A new study suggests that wearing hearing aids for age-related hearing loss could delay the onset of dementia and slow brain ageing by eight years. There has been evidence for some time of a link between hearing loss and dementia-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, but it was not clear whether the loss was a symptom of the illness or one of the causes.

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Tinnitus research offers hope

Post on Wed 10th Jul 2019

With one in ten British adults suffering from tinnitus, news that a drug to cure the condition may be nearer is certainly welcome. Research scientists in Arizona, USA, have made a breakthrough by blocking a protein molecule that fuels brain inflammation. The study has been trialled on mice but further investigations are required before tests on humans.

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Don't forget earplugs in your festival kit!

Post on Mon 8th Jul 2019

As festival season kicks off this summer, thousands of music fans will be looking forward to an experience of a lifetime. They’ll be wondering which performers will really rock the place and go down in festival folklore, what the unpredictable British summer will throw at them and what memories will be created.

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Cyclist sets sights on supporting Alzheimer's

Post on Tue 18th Jun 2019

The loss of his grandad from dementia has spurred on a Halesowen man to tackle a tough 105 mile charity cycle ride just months after buying a bike.
Peter Fell, aged 37, hadn’t been on a bike since he was a teenager but in January he bought a road bike to tackle the annual Wolverhampton to Aberdovey sponsored bike ride. He hopes to raise £500 for Alzheimer’s Society in the challenge on Friday 21 June.

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Listen up to the benefits of healthy eating

Post on Mon 17th Jun 2019

Here’s food for thought, what you eat could affect your hearing.
We know a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are good for our wellbeing and that being overweight can take its toll in many ways. But are you aware that research has linked obesity to hearing loss?

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Hearing aid research is mind blowing

Post on Wed 12th Jun 2019

There’s more than a touch of science fiction becoming fact with news that boffins have created a mind-controlled hearing aid to focus on particular voices.
It’s early days yet for the experimental technology which would transform the ability of those with hearing loss to cope with noisy environments. As even advanced hearing aids haven’t cracked this issue yet it could be a real breakthrough.

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Gaining insight into Diabetes

Post on Mon 10th Jun 2019

The importance of regular eye tests is given added focus in Diabetes Week. Eye tests provide more than a check on your vision; they give an insight into overall well being and can detect whether you are at risk of diabetes based on the retinal vascular changes and blood vessel patterns in your eyes.

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Sounding out the benefits of chocolate

Post on Thu 23rd May 2019

Have you heard there’s a new study which suggests chocolate could protect middle-aged people from hearing loss?It certainly sounds too good to be true but doctors in Seoul, South Korea, found the rate of hearing loss among people aged from 40 to 64 was much lower in those who ate chocolate than those who did not.

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Eleanor has prize in her sights!

Post on Wed 15th May 2019

A delighted ten-year-old from West Hallam has her eyes on the prize after winning a national colouring competition in aid of charity.
Eleanor Attenborough won a set of books by children’s favourite David Walliams in our colouring competition and received her prize at its Ilkeston branch.

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