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An eye on the future for contact lens technology

Post on Wed 14th Mar 2018

It sounds like science fiction, but it could become fact within just a few years.

Researchers are working on a smart contact lens that can measure glucose levels to alert people with diabetes when their blood sugar levels are too low. They have in-built transparent electronics to monitor glucose levels from tears in the eye.

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Hear the Future on World Hearing Day

Post on Sat 3rd Mar 2018

It’s World Hearing Day today (3 March) to focus attention on how to prevent deafness and hearing loss and to promote ear and hearing care across the world.

The World Health Organisation has ‘Hear the future’ as its theme for this year’s awareness day. It wants to draw attention to the expected increase in the number of people with hearing loss around the world in the coming decades as well as what can be done to stem the rise.

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Seeing through the eyes of a child

Post on Wed 21st Feb 2018

Half term is a chance to spend quality time with our children, enjoying fun activities and seeing the world through their eyes. The responsibility of a child’s health and development cannot be underestimated which is why it’s important to have your child’s eyesight checked regularly.

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Love your hearing this Valentine's Day

Post on Wed 14th Feb 2018

Today is traditionally the most romantic of the year when we celebrate love and declare our feelings to those who make our heart sing.
Whispering sweet nothings is the order of the day, but what if you can’t hear them?

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We have Alzheimer's Society in our sights!

Post on Thu 8th Feb 2018

We have raised £35,000 for Alzheimer’s Society and pledge to continue our support in 2018.

It brings the total for the cause to almost £65,000 since the partnership started in 2015, with more money being raised each year compared to the last.

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Raising Awareness of Tinnitus

Post on Mon 5th Feb 2018

It’s a condition that affects one in ten adults and for which there is currently no cure.
Tinnitus Awareness Week (5-11 February) seeks to shine a light on how it impacts people’s lives. This year the British Tinnitus Association will focus on children and young people with its ‘Kids Talk Tinnitus’ campaign.

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It’s official - glasses DO make you look more intelligent!

Post on Thu 1st Feb 2018

We commissioned a study among 2,000 adults and found one third believes spectacle wearers look more intellectual than those who don’t adorn prescription eyewear.

One fifth also believe those who wear glasses appear more trustworthy and one in 10 think they improve your chances of getting a promotion.

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Find the look that suits your style

Post on Fri 26th Jan 2018

Seeking help to banish those January blues and get a fresh, positive take on life can come in many forms; it depends where we look for it. If you’re not keen on making major changes and hard-to-keep resolutions perhaps the answer is to find more accessible solutions.
Updating your style and boosting your confidence by treating yourself to a new pair of glasses certainly fits in this category.

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Give contact lenses a go when you head back to the gym

Post on Fri 19th Jan 2018

It’s that time of year when more of us join a gym or head back to one in a bid to get fitter, feel better and improve our energy levels. With that renewed sense of vigour it’s also worth thinking about switching to contact lenses to give you more flexibility in the gym.

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Eyeing up retirement after 35 years at Newquay branch

Post on Mon 15th Jan 2018

A popular and well-respected optometrist was given a surprise send-off when he retired from a Newquay opticians after 35 years.

John McLaughlin from Varnals Opticians on East Street, part of Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care, was presented with a camera and whisky as colleagues paid tribute to his care and dedication to his patients.

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