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The quiet message that needs to be heard

Post on Wed 26th Apr 2017

Noise is not just an annoying and pervasive part of modern life that is difficult to escape, it’s also bad for our wellbeing.
Have you heard that today is International Noise Awareness Day which aims to raise awareness of noise on the welfare and health of people worldwide?

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Let's talk

Post on Fri 7th Apr 2017

Today is World Health Day and this year’s theme is “Depression: let’s talk” with the aim to get more people with depression to both seek and get help.

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Spring is a sight for good eyes

Post on Thu 16th Mar 2017

Spring is a time of fresh abundance; the joy of flowers blooming, trees bursting with blossom and the tender, tasty shoots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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World Glaucoma Week Highlights Value Of Eye Tests

Post on Mon 13th Mar 2017

It’s World Glaucoma Week (12-18 March) and a good time to think about getting your eyes tested.
The focus on this condition is important because if left untreated glaucoma can cause blindness. The good news is that having a regular eye test can detect the condition.

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Loyal Customer Aged 103 Launches Peacehaven Opticians

Post on Tue 7th Mar 2017

Kathleen Flowers performed the honours at the Meridian Centre where Lesley Sones Opticians has moved to bigger premises and changed its name to Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care having become part of the Scrivens group two years ago

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World Hearing Day – top tips to prevent hearing loss

Post on Fri 3rd Mar 2017

There is no magic wand to cure hearing loss, so taking care of our hearing is something each and every one of us should make a priority.

The advice from Scrivens Optician & Hearing Care coincides with World Hearing Day [March 3], whereby prevention is the best option. More than half of people aged 60 and over are affected by hearing loss, and nearly 10 million people of all ages across the UK have varying degrees of hearing loss.

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Study links anaemia to hearing loss

Post on Wed 22nd Feb 2017

We know a balanced diet is important for our general health to give us the nutrients we need, but have you heard that a lack of iron could lead to hearing loss?

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