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Polarised lenses are a sight to behold

Post on Wed 21st Jun 2017

When the sun is out many of us will naturally grab our hat, shades and suncream to enjoy the bright days of summer.

But when the sun causes glare which dazzles and strains your vision, say if you are driving, playing sport or relaxing by the pool, it is less appealing and can be dangerous too if you are at the wheel of a car.

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Greatest sunglasses wearers of all time

Post on Mon 19th Jun 2017

Style icon Audrey Hepburn has put others in the shade by topping a poll of greatest sunglasses wearers of all time.

Enduring greats Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe were also named among the best wearers of shades in new research.

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Festival hearing care is music to our ears

Post on Thu 15th Jun 2017

The festival season is here when thousands of music lovers head to Glastonbury and other iconic venues to experience great music and memories.

With the unpredictable British summer you’ll need to be prepared for all weathers of course by packing sunscreen and wellies.

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Seeing the signs in diabetes week

Post on Tue 13th Jun 2017

The eyes have it when it comes to detecting certain health issues, including the early signs of diabetes.
The importance of regular sight tests comes into focus in Diabetes Week (11-17 June) for diabetes can cause blindness. It also claims the lives of 65 people in the UK every day which is why raising awareness is so important.

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Look out, it's national eyewear day!

Post on Tue 6th Jun 2017

Polish those lenses for an extra sparkle and celebrate National Eyewear Day today.
It’s a chance to sport those frames with pride and mark changing attitudes to the joy of specs.
Gone are the days when they were regarded as uncool or carried a stigma. Glasses now do not simply correct our sight, they are also a statement of style and a reflection of our personality.

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Gene therapy research offers hearing hope

Post on Wed 17th May 2017

It’s exciting to hear about a new gene therapy technique which restored hearing in profoundly deaf mice as it offers hope of a cure for hereditary hearing loss in people.

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