Contact Lenses for Children

Contact lenses can be a great choice for kids, giving them flexibility and freedom, whether they’re studying or playing sports. Kids can get some real benefits and great deals on contact lenses from Scrivens Opticians. We have Contact Lens packages and a wide range of lenses to fit any prescription.

Extra freedom with contact lenses

Contact lenses are great if your child loves sports and leads an active life. They can do wonders for their confidence too. Our contact lens demonstrations are free, so it will cost you nothing for your child to see how contact lenses feel and how easy they are to wear. We currently have a fantastic offer of 15% off contact lenses when your child joins Lensplan.

While there have been major advances in contact lens technology, many people are still nervous about inserting and using contact lenses, not realising how easy and comfortable they are to wear. Contact lenses really can make a difference to this age group and as experts in eye care, we want to offer all available eye care options to our younger customers.

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Why contact lenses?

A more active life

Contact lenses are great for kids who love sports and lead an active life. With clearer vision and being easier to wear than glasses, they can make a real difference. There’s no steaming up, no smudging, better depth of vision and complete peripheral vision – not to mention no more expensive breakages.

Increased confidence

Wearing contact lenses can do wonders for a child’s confidence and self-esteem. This is an important and influencing stage of their lives so it offers a great alternative to glasses.

Academic improvement

Studies have shown that switching to contact lenses can really improve a child’s academic performance.

Contact lenses delivered to your home

To make it even more convenient, we can deliver your child’s contact lenses direct to your door, or a different nominated address if needed. There are a number of packages available, from occasional wear to everyday, so no matter what your child needs from their contact lenses, you can take advantage of our hassle-free Lensplan scheme.

Myopia control

Studies have shown that the progression of myopia, or short-sightedness, can be slowed down in children who wear contact lenses regularly. To find out more why not book a trial and speak to our Contact Lens Optician.