Digital Hearing Aids

For many people in the UK, hearing aids are an essential part of everyday life. This can be due to your hearing deteriorating as you get older, illness-induced hearing loss or a number of other causes. No matter if you have noticed a change in your hearing or if you would like to find out more about the hearing aids we have on offer, Scrivens Hearing Care is here to help.

Looking after your hearing

Here at Scrivens, we understand that buying a hearing aid is a big decision. With a vast array of hearing aids available on the market, selecting the right one could improve your standard of life greatly.

At Scrivens Hearing Care, you’ll receive a thorough hearing test, and, if required, high quality hearing aids. All of our high definition, digital hearing aids are fully programmable and provide unbeatable amplification and sound processing to help improve your hearing.

If you browse our website, you will find plenty of information regarding styles and types of hearing aids, NHS hearing aids, our hearing aid range, our manufacturers and even our online hearing test. If you have a more specific query, it may be best to browse our FAQs page.

How to help a loved one who maybe losing their hearing

If you are interested in finding out more about hearing tests and hearing aids because you suspect a loved one may be experienced hearing loss, Scrivens Hearing Care can help. Our online hearing test is quick and simple, and can tell you in a matter of minutes whether you should book a full hearing test in one of our branches. Hearing aids don’t have to be daunting; our hearing specialists are here to help anyone who is new to hearing aids decide what is best for them.

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Sat 7th Apr 2018

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