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Types of hearing aid – Small and discreet

No matter your budget, style or level of hearing loss, Scrivens has a wide variety of different types of hearing aids to ensure all customers are happy and satisfied with their hearing aid of choice. Hearing aids fall into six styles and are all suitable for several different types of hearing loss. The different options available ensure that your hearing aids are perfectly suited to you, your hearing requirements, your lifestyle and your budget.

Scrivens’ expert hearing aid audiologists are able to help you find the best hearing aid to suit your individual needs, so why not pop in to any of our 250+ outlets across the UK for a free hearing test and some expert advice. Even if you’re just looking for some more information or perhaps need an upgrade, contact us today.

Here at Scrivens Hearing Care we stock the latest ranges of hearing aids, including a wide variety of hearing aids from Starkey Laboratories, ReSound GN, Oticon and Phonak. Our range of hearing aids has a strong focus not only on usability and quality, but also comfort and style.

We also offer free NHS hearing aids to eligible NHS patients. To find out if you are eligible for our NHS hearing care service click here.

On The Ear – OTE

One of the most popular styles available, OTE, or On The Ear hearing aids are small, discreet and come in a range of designs and colours. They are an ideal choice for the first time wearer as this style gives a more natural sound.

On The Ear hearing aids, also known as over the ear hearing aids are very similar to Behind The Ear hearing aids as they incorporate a sound processor as well as a receiver that sits comfortably on the ear. On The Ear hearing aids can be a great deal smaller than BTE hearing aids yet use a similar design.

A slim line case houses the electronics that are connected to the ear bud via a thin, almost unnoticeable transparent tube. This ear bud, unlike Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aids, allows natural sound to enter the ear and does not block out external noises, reducing the “plugged” feeling sometimes associated with hearing aids.

On The Ear hearing aids are often the best choice for people with cosmetic concerns as they are very discreet and are hardly noticeable. However, we offer a wide range of colours to suit all tastes and styles.

Receiver In Canal – RIC

RIC, or Receiver In Canal hearing aids transmit the sound down a slim tube or mould into the ear.

Unlike OTE or BTE hearing aids, the loudspeaker of the RIC model sits inside the ear canal meaning there is less circuitry to fit inside the hearing aid which means they can be very much smaller than OTE and BTE models.

Available for mild to severe hearing losses, this model is available in many different colours, shapes and styles so they can disappear discreetly or stand out if you prefer.

Behind The Ear – BTE

BTE, or Behind The Ear hearing aids provide the most power and handle moderate to severe hearing losses with ease. They are even suitable for people with a profound hearing loss.

Behind The Ear hearing aids are named as such due to the fact they sit discreetly behind the ear and transfer sound directly to the ear canal via a tube and ear mould which sits within the ear.

The Behind The Ear hearing aid is commonly used where ITE or CIC hearing aids are inappropriate. In addition, the fact that all the controls and electronics are housed in a larger casing makes it easier for users to operate, especially if they have limited dexterity.

In The Canal – ITC

ITC, or In The Canal hearing aids are very discreet and sit in the canal of the ear (the entrance of the ear), making them all but invisible. They use custom-made moulds of the inside of your ear, so they are extremely comfortable and secure.

Each In The Canal hearing aid is custom fit for each user, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit that is almost unnoticeable, providing users with a discreet option that can also allow additional features to be used, including directional microphones and manual volume wheels.

Due to the fact in the canal hearing aids are somewhat larger than Completely In Canal hearing aids (CIC), they can use a larger battery and can therefore benefit from a longer battery life.

In the Canal hearing aids are sometimes not appropriate for users with limited dexterity due to their size.

They are most appropriate for those suffering from mild to severe hearing loss and can be constructed in a variety of colours to suit your preferences.

Completely In Canal – CIC

CIC, or Completely In Canal hearing aids are one of the more popular models as they are very discreet and very little can be seen outside of the ear canal. They are suitable for a range of hearing losses, from mild to severe.

They sit in the ear canal with only the transparent extract cord visible and as the hearing aid is positioned right inside the ear canal it is protected from wind noise. However, due to their very small size they may not be suitable for people with limited dexterity.

In The Ear – ITE

These custom made ITE, or In The Ear hearing aids fit into the bowl shaped area of your outer ear instead of inside the ear canal. Their larger size allows for easy insertion and removal as well as easy access to the battery compartment and volume control.

They are comfortable, relatively discreet, and powerful enough to handle a wide range of hearing losses.