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Contact Lens Myth-busting

We hear many misconceptions when it comes to contact lenses, from ‘they can get lost behind your eye’ (they can’t!), to ‘I’m too old or too young to wear contact lenses’. So we’ve put together the five most common myths about contact lenses.

A contact lens can get lost behind your eye

There is no way you can lose a contact lens behind the back of your eye. The conjunctiva (a thin, moist lining on the inner surface of your eye) prevents this from happening.

Contact lenses are difficult to look after

It’s true, if you decide to go for monthly or fortnightly contact lenses you’ll have to clean them each day to prevent eye infections. However, if you’re worried about the upkeep of weekly/fortnightly lenses, you could opt for daily disposable contact lenses. Once you’ve had your wear for the day (or event), simply remove the contact lenses and throw them in the bin. It’s as easy as that. (See our instructions on how to safely put in and take out contact lenses)

I’m too old/too young to wear contact lenses

We often hear I’m too old or my child is too young for contact lenses, but with changes in technology there are options for everyone. For example, as we get older our prescriptions can become more complex – sometimes with different prescriptions needed in one lens – but thanks to multifocal lenses we can accommodate multiple prescriptions in a single lens. Meaning you won’t need to change lenses/glasses to read a menu up close, or to see a friend approaching you from a distance.

Contact lenses are also a great alternative to glasses for children. You can read more about the benefits of contact lenses for children here.

Contact lenses are more expensive than glasses

The cost of contact lenses very much depends on the type of lens you go with. Monthly Contact lenses can be very affordable – as you’ll only need 12 contact lenses per year. And at times, contact lenses can actually work out cheaper than glasses – especially if you lose your glasses and don’t have insurance, as you’ll have to pay for the frame and lenses again! It should be noted though, that we recommend still owning a pair of glasses.

Eyes need a regular day off from contact lenses to “breathe”

Thanks to the changes in technology, most modern contact lenses are now made from breathable materials – so you can happily wear them every day; in fact, you can even sleep in some lenses (your optician will tell you if that’s appropriate with the contact lenses you pick).

If you have any questions about contact lenses, don’t be afraid to ask your Contact Lens Optician, they’ll put your mind at ease and talk you through your options.