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Contact lenses are the ideal option for experiencing everyday freedom and convenience, without compromising your eyesight. From daily disposable and monthly contact lenses, to continuous wear, specialist lenses and varifocal lenses, at Scrivens you will find exactly what you need.

If you haven’t tried contact lenses before or you want to change what you are currently wearing, our team is always happy to guide you through all of the options based on your prescription and lifestyle. We offer a free contact lens trial during which you will be able to experience how they feel and the benefits they offer.  If you decide to go ahead with contact lenses we’ll give you full guidance on how to put them in and take them out, plus fantastic aftercare to make sure you’re getting the most from your contact lenses.

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Mon 15th Apr 2024

Contact lens myth-busting

We hear many misconceptions when it comes to contact lenses, from ‘they can get lost behind your eye’ (they can’t!), to ‘I’m too old or too young to wear contact lenses’ (you aren’t!). So we’ve put together the most common myths and our myth busting information for each, so you can feel confident in contact lenses.