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At Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care we pride ourselves on performing high-quality, thorough & professional eye examinations using the latest optical equipment. We want it to be easy and affordable for you to take care of your eyes.

How poor vision affects your life

Good vision is something that many of us undoubtedly take for granted and don’t appreciate until it begins to decline. Blurred vision, fuzziness, weary eyes, and headaches make living unpleasant and contribute to negative moods, affecting your everyday life. At Scrivens, we want to make sure that bad eyesight does not leave you out.

Improve your vision

A routine eye exam is the most effective strategy to discover early warning symptoms of chronic eye diseases and preserve your eyesight. At Scrivens, you have access to highly qualified opticians who will perform a comprehensive Scrivens eye test for both NHS and private patients. This way you ensure that you continue to have optimal eye health and any issues are easily identified.

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Frames follow the newest fashion trends, with a variety of designs, colours, and forms. They’re a terrific way to dress up any attire while also enhancing your face characteristics. At Scrivens we pride ourselves in offering the best prices on eyeglasses. Browse our website and find frames from top designers, and in-house styles – there is surely something to suit you.

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Thu 1st Dec 2022

Give the gift of hearing this Christmas

From carol singing to jingle bells and party celebrations to family reunions, the Christmas season is abuzz with happy sounds. It’s traditionally that time of year reserved for our nearest and dearest; a whirl of activity and excitement and hectic rounds of social gatherings.