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Getting your eyes checked on a regular basis is key to optimum eye health, and our team of optometrists, contact lens opticians and friendly branch staff are all on hand to help make your experience in-store as welcoming and informative as possible. Our sight is the most important sense in many ways and it is the best method to protect us from danger. Eye check-ups are an important step to detecting any issues and for most people, an eye test should be carried out at least once every two years by an optometrist. During your eye examination, several factors will be discussed such as your age and any family history of eye problems. If an eye problem is detected during an eye test, your optometrist will discuss this with you and explain the steps moving forward. Often it may involve prescription glasses or contact lenses and up to 80% of all vision problems worldwide are treatable.

At Scrivens, we offer friendly and professional advice in relation to eyecare, as well as guidance about frame choice and the eye test process. If you notice an unusual change in your eyesight, whether you’re finding it difficult to read or you’re experiencing frequent headaches, it is a good idea to book an eye test at Scrivens Opticians.

With an increase of technology in everyday life, many young adults are booking eye tests to check what effect an increase of screen time may be having on their eyesight. For more information about the effects that computer-based careers are having on eye health, please feel free to pop into your local branch of Scrivens Opticians and talk to our experts. These days, more careers are focused around computer screens and laptops and so it is more important to keep an eye on your sight and how it may be affected by an increased use of screens.

Childrens’ eyesight can change as they age and it’s important for our younger customers to attend regular eye tests to detect any problems. A child’s eyesight is constantly evolving and it’s important to monitor the health of the eyes more closely. Eye tests for children are free on the NHS, so there is no excuse not to book an eye test today. Call into your local branch of Scrivens Opticians today and talk to one of our friendly experts for more information about kid’s eye tests and to check eligibility for free NHS eye tests for children.

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Mon 19th Aug 2019

Chernobyl children look on the bright side at our Stone branch

Children from Chernobyl enjoying a respite holiday were welcomed at our Stone branch which provided free eye tests and prescription glasses. The ten youngsters were put at ease by optometrist Larisa Dorochtchak, who is Ukrainian and speaks Russian, and they also received goody bags from the team at the branch on Adies Alley.