Portable music players linked to hearing loss in children

Post on Tue 11th Sep 2018

At Scrivens we have long been concerned about the damaging effects of portable music players on young people’s hearing, and it seems there is evidence to back our fears.

A Dutch study suggests that children who listen to music through headphones could be at greater risk of noise related hearing loss.

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Eye test could spot the early signs of dementia

Post on Thu 6th Sep 2018

At Scrivens we have enjoyed a long association with Alzheimer’s Society, so we were encouraged by the preliminaryresults of a study that suggests eye tests may be able to spot the early signs of dementia.
The small study by researchers at Washington University in St Louis identified that people whose brains had the first physical signs of Alzheimer’s disease were found to have retinal abnormalities, which could be picked by an optician during regular eye tests. 

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Give your eyes a summer break too

Post on Fri 31st Aug 2018

Summer is a time to relax, switch off and take a break from the pressures and demands of everyday life.
It’s an ideal opportunity for a digital detox too. An extended screen break can help reconnect with other activities and give our eyes a rest, whether from computer screens at work or our mobile devices at play.

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Get yourself seen is the advice for teens

Post on Thu 23rd Aug 2018

Teenage years are undoubtedly a time of change with lots going on and perhaps more of a focus or pressure on how to look good.

Looking good takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to having regular eye tests which are a vital part of staying healthy whatever your age.

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