Raising awareness of hearing loss

Post on Mon 14th May 2018

Have you heard? Hearing loss affects more than 11 million people in the UK so you’re not alone if your hearing isn’t what it used to be.

Deaf Awareness Week from 14-20 May is a chance to spotlight the issue and challenge perceptions of hearing loss and deafness across the UK.

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Put yourself in the frame when it comes to style

Post on Fri 11th May 2018

Some people have an innate sense of style that seems to come to them naturally.

But many of us have to work a little bit harder on finding what really suits us, with a few fashion mistakes along the way, to feel happy with our choices.

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Listen to the warnings on noise

Post on Wed 25th Apr 2018

Global campaigns sometimes feel a world away and don’t always hit home.

Today’s International Noise Awareness Day should have a resonance with all of us though because excessive noise is not just annoying, it is bad for our wellbeing. In the short term noise causes stress, which affects our health, and in the long term noise causes hearing loss.

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World Health Day puts focus on universal healthcare

Post on Sat 7th Apr 2018

It’s the World Health Organisation’s 70th annual World Health Day on Saturday April 7 which will highlight the fight for universal healthcare for all.

WHO says half the world lacks access to appropriate medical services and another 100 million people have been forced into poverty from paying for medical bills or services.

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An eye on the future for contact lens technology

Post on Wed 14th Mar 2018

It sounds like science fiction, but it could become fact within just a few years.

Researchers are working on a smart contact lens that can measure glucose levels to alert people with diabetes when their blood sugar levels are too low. They have in-built transparent electronics to monitor glucose levels from tears in the eye.

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