Eyeing up a Christmas treat

Post on Fri 15th Dec 2017

A traditional Christmas Day meal is a sight to behold, a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach and tucking into it is something to celebrate.
It’s a season of over-indulgence of course, but it may make you feel a little less guilty by considering the benefits for our eyes.

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Misused sayings raise a smile but could hint at hearing loss

Post on Thu 7th Dec 2017

‘To be pacific, ‘an escape goat’ and ‘damp squid’ are the most misused phrases or sayings, according to new research. Commonly known as ‘eggcorns’, the phrases often mean something different to the original yet make some kind of sense.
The research was a fun way to highlight the need to look after our hearing as many phrases are down to people mishearing them in the first place. With a record 11 million people in the UK now suffering from some degree of hearing loss, if ignored it can not only lead to potentially embarrassing situations socially but also be incredibly isolating.

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Put the brakes on poor eyesight

Post on Wed 29th Nov 2017

A call for drivers to have compulsory eye tests every ten years is one that should be taken seriously for it comes from the Association of Optometrists. Worryingly one in three optometrists said they had seen patients in the last month who carried on driving even though their vision was below the legal standard.

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Wake up to sensible contact lens advice

Post on Fri 17th Nov 2017

It’s bad enough waking up when you really want a lie-in, but much worse when you realise you have forgotten to remove your contact lenses. That feeling when you try to get those dried out lenses off your eyes is not the best start to your morning routine and you are not alone if it has happened to you.

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Get Yourself Seen advice on eye tests

Post on Fri 3rd Nov 2017

If you find yourself having to concentrate more as fading light and shorter days make it more difficult to see, it’s probably a good time to have a sight test. Drivers need optimum vision for their own safety and the safety of other road users.

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