Five signals to listen out for

Post on Wed 16th Sep 2020

Like the passing of the years, some things in life have a habit of creeping up on us. Take hearing, sometimes changes are so subtle and happen over time that we may not notice until there's an impact on our lives. It’s important to spot hearing loss as soon as possible by having regular hearing checks.

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A child friendly approach to glasses

Post on Mon 14th Sep 2020

Like getting children to eat their greens or swap screens for fresh air, the right approach makes all the difference. It applies to many of life’s lessons and that goes for encouraging them to wear glasses if they need help with their sight.

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Watch out for screen eye strain

Post on Wed 2nd Sep 2020

Have you been feeling the strain of remote working in a pandemic-hit economy?
It’s not only about organising your time, finding a productive space and adjusting to the lack of personal contact, it has meant spending many more hours looking at screens.

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Facing up to hearing loss

Post on Wed 19th Aug 2020

Wearing face coverings has become a way of life and is a challenge for some, particularly those with hearing loss.
We appreciate it’s necessary in the face of a global pandemic, but making out muffled voices of conversations through face coverings and masks in shops, on public transport and elsewhere while socially distanced can be difficult.

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Pandemic is an eye opener

Post on Wed 5th Aug 2020

Been feeling the strain of remote working?  Well it’s also taking a toll on our eyesight according to our OnePoll survey, where almost 60% of respondents complained of eye strain during lockdown.
Our research of 2,000 adults also found the pandemic has been a ‘real eye-opener’ for 42 per cent of adults - as far as their health is concerned.

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