Raising awareness on World Diabetes Day

Post on Wed 14th Nov 2018

Today is World Diabetes Day, a global awareness campaign that strikes a chord close to home with 3.7 million people diagnosed with the condition in the UK.

The diabetes epidemic is cause for concern as it affects more and more lives and is the leading cause of blindness in people of working age in the UK.

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Remember, remember...fireworks can damage your hearing

Post on Mon 5th Nov 2018

A dazzling fireworks display is a spectacle to behold while the sound effects seem to get louder every year.

If you are hosting or attending a firework party this November 5th let’s hope it’s an enjoyable and safe one, but amid the excitement don’t forget to protect your ears.

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7 Tell-Tale Signs your Parents need Hearing Aids

Post on Mon 22nd Oct 2018

Do you regularly have arguments with your mum or dad (or both) over volume levels? Except instead of them shouting at you to ‘turn that rubbish down’, it’s you asking, ‘Why do you have the TV on so loud?’ While playing loud music in your teens was part of a standard teenage rebellion – your parent's habit of having the TV or radio on at uncomfortably high volume may be a sign they are experiencing hearing loss.

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See our top tips for eye health

Post on Fri 19th Oct 2018

A balanced approach to keeping fit and healthy goes for looking after your eyes too. It’s important to take steps to look after this vital sense and not take it for granted.

Here are some top tips to keep sight of what we can do to maintain healthy eyes.

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Myths about Hearing Aids

Post on Thu 18th Oct 2018

Like most medical treatments and devices, hearing aids come with their fair share of horror stories, which is why people may be reluctant to even have their hearing tested, never mind get a hearing aid fitted. But the truth is, despite the scary stories, a hearing aid can really transform the life of a person whose hearing is deteriorating and whilst daunting, isn’t something that should be feared. We have busted a few myths you might have heard about hearing aids in the past.

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