Back to school: why are eye tests an important back-to-school prep

Post on Wed 12th Oct 2022

Children's visual skills are being tested in school. Increased workloads and homework impose considerable pressure on children's eyes, and youngsters rely on their eyesight in order to study effectively and succeed.
As the new school year begins, Scrivens Opticians conducted a survey to understand how parents view and protect their children's eye health. Read more to discover parents’ perceptions around eye health and how to protect your children’s eyes.

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5 Key benefits of intelligent hearing aids

Post on Tue 26th Jul 2022

Technological advances continue at a pace, improving and transforming lives in so many ways, and that is certainly the case when it comes to intelligent hearing aids.
These small pieces of kit have a huge impact on people’s health and well-being so it’s not surprising that innovation to widen their benefits is driving change.

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Why you could be fined for driving with and without sunglasses

Post on Tue 19th Jul 2022

The summer heatwave has seen contrasting headlines warning that drivers could be fined for not wearing sunglasses and also fined for wearing the wrong kind of sunglasses at the wheel.

If you’re in the dark over this issue, here’s some timely advice as temperatures rise and the sun beats down.

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