A Guide to Wearing Contact Lenses This Winter

Post on Mon 30th Oct 2023

Contact lens wearers in particular, will face multiple challenges during the colder weather due to lower levels of humidity and a reduction in daylight hours, subsequently resulting in eye strain, discomfort and potential eye infections. In addition to this, central heating and fireplaces can make matters worse, however there are measures you can take to avoid such issues:

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Clear Vision for Winter Driving: Protecting Your Eyesight

Post on Mon 16th Oct 2023

Shorter daylight hours, icy roads and limited visibility can make winter driving feel both challenging and unsafe.

While many drivers take precautions by equipping their vehicles with de-icer and an ice scraper, one important aspect that is often overlooked is the impact of winter weather on eyesight.

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How hearing loss can impact mental health

Post on Tue 10th Oct 2023

Hearing loss affects 12 million people in the UK, with age related hearing loss being the most common cause. 

As we get older, our hearing tends to deteriorate due to gradual wear and tear to tiny sensory ‘hair cells’ in the cochlea (hearing organ in the inner ear). Decline in our hearing tends to be gradual, it’s often not identified until the impact on a person’s mental health, and well-being has become significant.

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Maintaining Healthy Vision

Post on Mon 11th Sep 2023

Our eyes are among the most precious assets we possess, providing us with the gift of sight that allows us to experience the world around us. However, our eyes can be vulnerable to various conditions that may compromise our vision.

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Why children’s eye tests are the intelligent choice

Post on Thu 17th Aug 2023

For most children school is a happy, fulfilling experience with heads bursting with new facts, figures and skills.  But for some, it’s a tough process and progress is slow.  

But this may not be down to laziness or a learning difficulty, but simply due to poor eyesight. According to the Department of Education, more than 1.5 million school-aged children in England could be living with an undiagnosed sight problem. 

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