For over 85 years, Scrivens has remained committed in its mission to enhance the vision and hearing of our customers while ensuring a sustainable future for all. We take pride in our accomplishments and remain firm in our commitment to environmental, social, and economic responsibility.

We have implemented various measures to enhance energy efficiency and improve our carbon footprint. Our dedication is not just about meeting requirements; it is about making meaningful, sustainable changes for the good of our planet and communities.

Energy Efficiency:

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In alignment with our sustainability initiatives, we are transitioning to energy-efficient LED light bulbs across all branches and offices. This proactive step not only reduces energy consumption but also underscores our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Water Conservation:

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We are dedicated to conserving water across our operations by replacing old, inefficient taps with water-saving fixtures. Our goal is to significantly reduce water consumption and minimise wastage. Measures are being taken to raise awareness and foster water-saving practices.

Waste Management:

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Through a nationally implemented refuse collection system that separates waste at the source into general waste and recycling, coupled with designated collection days, we aim to minimise waste and promote recycling throughout our operations.

Air Conditioning:

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We prioritise the use of top-quality, efficient air conditioning units in our stores to enhance comfort while reducing energy consumption and therefore decrease our carbon footprint.


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As part of our sustainability commitment, we are transitioning our company car fleet to cleaner vehicles including hybrids to cut emissions and promote cleaner transportation.

Recycled Production Materials:

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Through initiatives, such as our partnership with The Rotary Club of Birmingham, where obsolete hearing aids are repurposed to assist children in developing countries, we actively reduce waste and promote environmental responsibility.