What do hearing aids sound like?

Hearing aids are often described as having a “sound” – however, the description of this can differ from one person to another, as the perception of sound is impossible to be measured. Sound is subjective and can therefore be difficult to describe to another person who may be hearing something completely different.

Sometimes, those who are wearing hearing aids describe the sound as ‘metallic’, ‘clinical’ or ‘pleasant’. Some can be worried that the sound of hearing aids will be like constant white noise, but this is not the case. The purpose of hearing aids is to improve your hearing, and although you may be able to hear something slight from time to time, the focus won’t be on what the hearing aid sounds like, but more what you are able to hear through the use of your hearing aids.

If you are concerned about your hearing but you are worried about the possibility of wearing hearing aids, visit your local Scrivens Hearing Care branch to discuss your options. Although the thought of wearing a hearing aid might be quite daunting, the long-term effects are extremely beneficial and can improve your quality of life. Browse our website for more information on our range of hearing aids, and don’t hesitate to book a hearing assessment if you feel that your hearing may have deteriorated.