Children’s Eye Tests

At Scrivens Opticians, we put your child’s eyecare first in everything we do. Whether that’s helping to protect their vision, finding children’s frames that they love, or assessing and regularly monitoring their eyesight, our highly experienced team are here to help. Offering friendly, professional help and advice, and a wide choice of glasses, specially designed for kids, pop into your nearest branch and book your son or daughter a free children’s NHS eye test.

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NHS Children’s Eye Tests

Are eye tests free for children? If your child is under 16, or under 19 and in full-time education, they will be eligible for free NHS eye tests at your nearest branch of Scrivens Opticians. As children grow, their eyes are changing, and their vision is developing. That’s why it’s so important to have your child’s eyesight checked on a regular basis. A kid’s eye test will be carried out by one of our experienced optometrists, and any problems with their vision or overall eyesight will be flagged during a regular eye test. Being able to detect any issues with sight at this crucial stage of development and education can also help to ensure your child doesn’t fall behind due to difficulty seeing the board, for example.

NHS Entitlement

NHS Children’s Frames

Some children are wary when it comes to wearing something that will change their usual appearance, and this can make finding a pair of glasses that they like a stressful experience for them – and for you! At Scrivens Opticians, you’ll find fun, fashionable and affordable children’s frames, including popular designer brands and a selection of free NHS prescription glasses for kids. Our goal is to take the stress out of finding the perfect pair of kid’s glasses. Our children’s frames are tough enough to withstand even the most adventurous playtime.

Kid’s Designer Frames

It can be a good idea to pick up a second pair of kid’s glasses, whether it’s to give your child an alternative look with a pair of designer frames, or simply to have a backup pair of glasses just in case your child loses or damages their first pair. At Scrivens Opticians, you can now pick up a pair of kid’s glasses from just £15. For more information, feel free to pop into your nearest branch of Scrivens and speak to our experts.

15% Off Contact Lenses for Children

If your child is active and sporty, glasses can limit their freedom. Contact lenses are designed with adventure in mind, giving children the extra confidence they need to be able to give their all to the activities they love. We also provide specific contact lenses to help manage childhood short-sightedness.

We offer a free contact lens trial to children, so that they can try wearing contact lenses for a while and see how they feel before you decide whether to buy them or not. If your child prefers to wear contact lenses, you can now sign-up to Lensplan and save 15% off our hassle-free direct debit, delivery service.

To book a free NHS eye test for your child at Scrivens Opticians, contact your nearest branch today.