How does hearing damage happen?

Within the inner ear is an organ called the cochlea. Situated inside the cochlea are a number of tiny hair cells that receive the sound signals entering the ear and pass them on to the brain.  Exposure to noises louder than 85dB for a prolonged period of time wears these hair cells down, causing the sounds they pick up to become muffled. The higher the dB of the sound, the quicker your hearing will be damaged. If you are exposed to noise that reaches 85dB, it takes 8 hours to constitute a danger to your hearing. The louder the sound, the quicker it takes. 95dB takes 45 minutes, 100dB 15 minutes, 105dB 5 minutes, 110dB under 2 minutes, and 115 dB can affect your hearing in less than 30 seconds.