Get your NHS hearing aids at Scrivens

Scrivens Hearing Care now provides an NHS hearing service for many of our branches and medical centres across the country. The NHS hearing services we provide are available to patients who are eligible and have been referred by their GP. 

The Scrivens free service includes

  • A comprehensive hearing assessment
  • Fitting of digital hearing aids (where required)
  • Ongoing aftercare support
  • Regular supply of batteries

The NHS hearing aids includes

  • Small and discreet hearing aids 
  • Behind The Ear (BTE) style
  • Personalised fitting
  • Versatile fitting range
  • Digital technology
  • Custom-made mould or slim tube through which the sound is delivered
  • Powerful technology for more advanced hearing losses

Schedule your appointment for free NHS hearing aids

At Scrivens we can fit the majority of patients on the same day as their assessment appointment, so you can start benefiting from better hearing straight away. Experience the convenience of your NHS hearing service on your local high street, in the same way, you come in for an eye test and glasses. 

NHS hearing aids used to be solely fitted and distributed through hospitals, but this is no longer the case. Scrivens Hearing Care’s contract with the NHS sets clear standards of clinical excellence that all providers must work to, regardless of whether you visit a hospital or a local community provider such as ourselves. 

We are also required to provide all patients with the chance to give us feedback on the service they receive, in order for us to continue to improve the work that we do. Scrivens Hearing Care is proud that 90% of our NHS patients rate our service as very good or excellent and 93% would recommend us to a friend or family member.

Learn more about the free hearing aids of NHS

If you would like more information on our NHS hearing care services, browse through the pages below. You are more than welcome to contact us for more information or read our NHS hearing FAQs.