Children’s eye health

As children grow, their eyes are constantly changing so it’s vital that they are checked regularly. There are common problems such as squints or lazy eyes that if not picked up during this time, can be permanent. Also, undetected vision loss can have a huge impact on a child’s learning and development, which can have lifelong ramifications.

We would recommend that parents get their children’s eyes tested every two years. Eye tests for children are free of charge as are prescription glasses if required. Paul Sidhu, one of our Optometrists explains more about the importance of regular eye checks for children in the video below.

Jake’s new look

If you have a young one who is about to have their very first eye test, why not download our Comic Strip. It’s a fun and simple way to explain to kids the process of going to the opticians for the first time. You can download it here or watch the animated video.