The type of lens you will need will depend on your individual prescription. However, there are additional features you can add to your lenses to fit your lifestyle, job and visual needs.

Take a look at your options below.

Types of lenses

Single Vision lenses are comprised of one prescription for those who are either short or long sighted.

Varifocal lenses combine both distance and reading prescriptions. Also known as multifocals, they have multiple focus points to give you clear vision at various distances. This will allow you to switch between reading and other activities with ease.

Flexible readers work in a similar way to varifocals, allowing you to see clearly at intermediate distances without having to remove your reading glasses.

Thin & Lite

These lenses are made from a special material which makes them thinner and lighter than standard lenses.

Lighter and more comfortable to wear
Ideal for customers with a high prescription
Gives a sharper look for rimless and half rim frames

You can have your Thin & Lite lenses with single vision, varifocals, Flexible readers and Transitions®.

From £70 per pair

Driving Lenses

Scrivens works with three of the leading lens manufactures to bring you the most advanced and up to date technology. Find out more about how driving lenses work and the benefits they could bring to your lifestyle.

Zeiss DriveSafe

Nikon SeeCoat Drive

Transition XTRActive


Lens Coatings

Depending on your lifestyle and visual needs different lens coating can improve the quality of your vision, below are a few options available to you.

Scratch resistant coating – increases the lens durability and is a standard protection included in the price of all of our lenses. This is a free standard coating on all Scrivens frames.

Anti-reflective coating (AR) offers a sharper image and reduces glare. They are extremely effective in artificial light, such as offices and when night driving.

Multi-layer coating – offers better quality, durability and water and dust repellent properties.

Blue coat finish – for an extra £10 you can add a blue coat finish to your lesnes, which is ideal for reducing the amount of blue light that enters the eyes. Available free of charge for all designer frames.

Lens Tints

Change any frame into a pair of sunglasses by adding a lens tint. You can choose from a range of options giving you fully customised glasses.

Solid or graduation tint
Full protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays
Range of 4 different colours
Lens tints



Lens tint are available on single vision, varifocal and flexible reader lenses.

From £30 per pair

Lens Manufacturers

Once you have chosen the perfect frames, the next step is to find the perfect lens to suit your lifestyle.

Over the years, we have refined our lens range to provide you with the very best choice, including lenses from the leading names in lens design. We work with market-leading manufacturers to offer lenses that provide excellent vision to cater for all requirements.

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Zeiss lensesTransitions Lenses