Free hearing health check

Free hearing health check

Do you need a free hearing test?

Do you think you are starting to experience hearing loss? If you are unsure whether you need hearing aids, get your hearing checked in minutes by answering the following questions:

  • Do you find yourself left out of conversations because it’s harder to keep up?
  • Are you ever told the TV is too loud when it sounds just right to you?
  • Is it harder to hear people on the phone than it used to be?
  • Are noisy environments overwhelming?
  • Have you ever missed a delivery because you couldn’t hear the doorbell or knock at the door?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions, it’s time to book your free hearing check. 

Enter your postcode below to find your local branch and book an appointment to see one of our specialist Hearing Aid Audiologists. Our free hearing health checks are available to anybody 18 and over, so be sure to get yourself booked in today.

What’s included in a hearing screening?

This is a quick and simple check that takes just 15-20 minutes to complete. Using a simple testing device called a hearing screener, it shows how well someone is hearing across four sound frequencies (from low to high pitched). 

The results of this simple test will indicate whether a more thorough hearing check is required. We carry out hearing screening for free – you can just pop into any branch that offers a hearing service and ask for a hearing screening or if you are an optical customer, it’s done as part of your eye test in the majority of our branches.

What’s included in a full hearing health check?

This is a more comprehensive assessment carried out by a Hearing Aid Audiologist. It takes about 45 minutes and during this appointment, your Audiologist will ask about your medical history, as well as your lifestyle and occupation, and use a computerised audiometer to test your hearing.

After this test, if you would benefit from a hearing aid, your Audiologist will demonstrate the potential difference hearing aids could make. They will also explain the results of your check and advise you of the options available.

To arrange your free hearing screening or health check, simply enter your postcode above to find your local branch.

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