Myopia Management

What is myopia?

In order for us have clear vision, light must pass through the cornea and lens (transparent structures at the front of the eye) and then meet at a point on the retina (a light sensitive tissue at the back of the eye).

If the eye is too long, the light focuses in front of the retina and this is known as short-sightedness or myopia. This means that the eye struggles to see things further away such as TV and the board at school.

Myopia can be managed with glasses or contact lenses.

Why does myopia occur?

Myopia often occurs during childhood and is directly linked to the eye growing longer.

Factors that can contribute to the myopia:

  • Family history of myopia – There is a 3x increased risk of myopia if one parent has it and a 6x increased risk of myopia if both parents have it
  • Prolonged periods of near work
  • Increased digital screen time
  • Not spending enough time outdoors in natural light

What is myopia management?

This is the name given to a variety of different interventions that can be used to help slow down the progression of myopia.

Initially, if myopia is identified, we would recommend we monitor your child’s vision over a period of time to understand changes and review whether a specific myopia management plan would be an option for your child.

Your Optician will recommend general lifestyle changes and then look at combining these recommendations with spectacle lenses or contact lenses which have been specifically designed for myopia management.

What are the benefits of Myopia Management?

Slowing the progression of myopia means that prescriptions can be kept lower for a longer period of time, this means it creates a better appearance of glasses, with thinner and lighter lenses.

A lower level of myopia can reduce the risk of developing eye conditions later in life such as cataracts, glaucoma, myopic macular degeneration and retinal detachments.

What happens next?

Myopia management can involve several regular appointments with your Optician to appropriately manage, monitor and compare results over time.

Your Optician will carry out a full eye examination to assess the need of myopia management. The eye examination will take into consideration a number of factors such as lifestyle and hobbies and may involve a few more tests.

With all the information gathered a myopia management plan will be tailored for each individual, taking into account suitability, effectivity and preference of treatment.

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Myopia management options

We may also recommend your child wears specially designed contact lenses and glasses, or a combination of both, which can help slow down myopia progression.

Myopia management – spectacles lenses

These are specially designed lenses worn instead of a standard spectacle lens. They are an ideal option if your child is happy wearing glasses and the bespoke lenses ensure that the light is focused to the correct location for myopia management. They can be worn on their own or in conjunction with contact lenses.

Myopia management – soft contact lenses

These contact lenses have been designed so that they correct vision whilst slowing down the progression of myopia. The lenses are most suitable for those with an active lifestyle or even those who prefer not to wear glasses. Contact Lenses are very safe and easy for children to wear.


Our Dreamvision lenses provide spectacle and contact lens free vision through the day with the added benefit of reducing myopia progression.

Dreamvision lenses are tailor-made rigid contact lenses, designed and manufactured to each individuals precise needs. These contact lenses are worn every night and removed in the morning, and give clear vision throughout the day. Results can be seen after wearing Dreamvision lenses for just one night and can result in up to 36 hours of clear vision when taken out.

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