Do you want to know more about contact lenses? We offer three main types of lenses; daily disposables, fortnightly/monthly disposables and continuous wear, the best lens for you will depend on your lifestyle and prescription. We also offer multifocal contact lenses, so if you wear varifocal glasses, you can still benefit from the convenience of contact lenses.

Have a look at our guide below or simply pop into branch and speak to our team.

Daily disposables

Our most popular type of contact lenses, daily disposables, are the ultimate for convenience. They are designed to be worn on a daily basis and disposed of after each use, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning them. Simply open a fresh pair each time you want to wear them.

Monthly/fortnightly disposables

If you plan to wear contact lenses on a regular basis, monthly or fortnightly contact lenses offer great value for money. You will however need to clean them after each use before you reuse them the next day. They are available in a wide range of prescriptions, and are ideal for anyone who wants to wear contact lenses most of the time.

Continuous wear

If you prefer to wear contact lenses continuously, without having to remove them each day, continuous wear contact lenses are the best option for you. They are designed to be worn day and night for up to 30 consecutive days, no cleaning is required. Using the latest technology, the lens material material helps to maintain the health of your eyes and is ideal for those always on the go with a busy schedule.

Specialist Contact Lenses

We have a wide range of specialist contact lenses for more complex prescriptions, including gas permeable lenses.

We are also a supplier of the revolutionary Dreamvision contact lenses, which correct your vision while you sleep.

Plus, if you are looking for a new look, we have a range of coloured contact lenses for you to choose from.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Age doesn’t have to be a barrier to wearing contact lenses. If your prescription is a little more complicated and you wear multifocal (or varifocal) glasses, you can still benefit from the flexibility contact lenses offer.

As we get older our vision changes and you may develop presbyopia, a condition that affects our close-up vision. This can mean you’ll need different types of prescription in one lens. With multifocal contact lenses, we can add different prescriptions so you can easily switch between seeing things close-up and far away. So you won’t need to switch between different glasses (or contact lenses) when reading, driving or playing sports.

Talk to your Optician if you’d like to know more about multifocal lenses.