Branch Location Information

Please fill in details relating to your branch. We use this information to write your branch description on the website and it will help Google find your location. The more detail you can provide the more accurate the website will reflect your branch. Don’t worry if you get anything wrong. Just fill in the form again and we’ll take the most recent entry.

Branch Location Details

  • e.g. "Halesowen"
  • Not the telephone number
  • New, step free access

  • Travel information

  • ‘There is on-road parking behind the branch’, ‘There is a free car park on the road next to the branch’
  • ‘The X bus stops outside branch’
  • ‘The train station is 5 minutes walk located on X street’
  • Is your branch page up to date?

  • 'On the corner next to Gregg's' ‘Opposite HSBC bank’
  • ‘Over the road from the Cathedral’ ‘At the entrance to the shopping centre’
  • ‘Market days are every other Thursday and the first Saturday of the month’, ‘You can access the shopping centre via X street’, ‘We are located in a pedestrianised area’
  • Please let us know what brands you display only if the website listing is incorrect. Note that only brands available for Click & Collect are displayed on your branch page.
  • Please let us know what your opening times only if the website listing is incorrect. e.g. Mon-Fri: 9:00 - 17:30, Sat: 9:00 - 16:00, Sun: Closed.
  • Anything else we might have missed on your branch page?