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7 Tell-Tale Signs your Parents need Hearing Aids

Post on 22nd October 2018

It can be hard to broach the subject with them. No one wants to be told something might be wrong with their health, but if your parents are showing the following symptoms it might be time to encourage them to have a hearing test:

  • Having the radio or TV louder than is comfortable
  • They are finding it difficult to hear you over the phone
  • Are always accusing you or others of mumbling
  • Are not really following the conversation especially when they are in a group or in a noisy area
  • Asking you or others to repeat what you say frequently
  • Begin avoiding social occasions and family gatherings
  • Become frustrated, withdrawn, irritable (more than usual) or impatient

If you are finding that your parents are showing many of the above symptoms, then it might be time to bring up the subject of hearing aids with them. If you think your mum or dad might react negatively here are some top tips for talking about hearing loss with your parents:

  • Research – make sure you’ve done your research. This can help you deal with any dismissive comments. To find out more about hearing loss and our hearing tests click here.
  • Timing – if possible wait until the time is right. Broaching the subject during a stressful time may not be a good idea. Wait until your alone together and make sure there are no distractions.
  • Stress the benefits – if your parents become defensive, try and put emphasis on the benefits of getting their hearing checked and potentially having hearing aids. For example, enjoying hobbies or past times they’ve not been able to enjoy the same since their hearing deteriorated.

Once they agree you can visit one of our branches where our experts can conduct a hearing screening. This quick and easy test takes 15-20 minutes to complete and from this, we’ll be able to recommend what to do next if there is a problem, whether that’s a full hearing health check, hearing aids or a visit to your GP.

Find your local branch today and book your hearing test!