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Facing up to hearing loss

Post on 19th August 2020

Wearing face coverings has become a way of life and is a challenge for some, particularly those with hearing loss.

We appreciate it’s necessary in the face of a global pandemic, but making out  muffled voices of conversations through face coverings and masks in shops, on public transport and elsewhere while socially distanced can be difficult.

Spare a thought too for those who use hearing aids and who find it tricky putting on or taking off their face masks without knocking their hearing aids out.

If that sounds like you, our hearing care experts at Scrivens have this advice

1. Take your time when putting on or taking off your mask/face covering and don’t get distracted from the job in hand

2. If possible use a mask that ties around your head rather than elastic around the ears

3. If you wear glasses remove them carefully before putting on your mask

4. When removing your mask, hold the hearing aid with one hand and the mask with the other – alternatively, take your hearing aids out before taking your mask off

5. With taking your mask off on a regular basis, check your hearing aids are in place before you head off to your next destination

6. Finally, don’t inadvertently throw your aids away or put them in the wash if they get caught up in a disposable or a re-usable mask!

If you don’t have hearing aids but have noticed changes in your hearing, it’s worth seeking help. Hearing loss can be a gradual process over the years, rather than coming out of the blue.

You could take an online hearing test here as a first step. If you are concerned about your hearing it is advisable that you have a complete hearing health check carried out by a registered Hearing Aid Audiologist.

Annual hearing health checks are recommended for anyone over 50 to identify changes and see what action is needed. Scrivens branches provide a free NHS hearing service for people who are eligible and have been referred by their GP.

With a range of digital hearing aids available to improve quality of life there is no need for people with hearing loss to suffer in silence.