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Five signals to listen out for

Post on 14th September 2020

Like the passing of the years, some things in life have a habit of creeping up on us.

Take hearing, sometimes changes are so subtle and happen over time that we may not notice until there’s an impact on our lives.

It’s important to spot hearing loss as soon as possible by having regular hearing checks, which are often free of charge, because treatment is usually more beneficial if started early.

Here are five signals that suggest your hearing is not what it should be:

– You struggle to hear or keep up with conversations, misunderstand what people say and it’s more obvious in noisy environments

– You turn the volume up on the TV or radio and others remark that the sound is too loud

– You ask people to repeat themselves on a regular basis

– You find it hard to hear on the telephone

– You feel tired or stressed from the concentration needed while listening

If any of these signals sound familiar, or there are other tell-tale signs which give you cause for concern about your hearing, then please do not ignore them.

We recommend an annual hearing health check for anyone over 50 to identify any changes and see what action is needed.

With NHS hearing tests and digital hearing aids readily available on the high street, it is easy to seek help. You can find friendly, professional advice at your local branch.

Many of our branches provide a free NHS hearing service for people who are eligible and have been referred by their GP.