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Giving children’s eyes a break this Christmas

Post on 14th December 2018

The promise of a Christmas break from school fills many children with excitement and good cheer and who could blame them.

It’s a chance to have fun away from studies, homework and exam pressures. But what if it was also good for their eyesight too?

Some believe the longer we spend in education the more likely we are to need glasses. Evidence for this was put forward in a study published in the British Medical Journal. Researchers at the University of Bristol and the University of Cardiff found people with a genetic tendency to spend longer in education were more likely to develop short-sightedness.

It’s not clear why education might affect vision, nor what we can do to prevent people developing short sightedness.  There have been other studies that suggest spending time outdoors might be beneficial.

No one is advocating dropping out of school of course but it is food for thought and could make us look at educational practices in future.

It’s also another reason for encouraging children to spend more time outdoors, not only for their general health. Ensuring children get outside where they can get plenty of bright daylight and use their eyes over long distances is advisable.

If you can persuade them to see the world outside their four walls, television and computer screens and other distractions, so they can enjoy some fresh air fun over the Christmas holidays you’ll be doing them a favour.

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