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Let’s hear it for the joys of summer

Post on 11th July 2018

It’s summer holiday season; a time to kick back, escape the everyday and recharge your batteries on carefree sunny days.

Whether jetting off to farflung places or enjoying a staycation, a summer break of new experiences and relaxation is good for the soul and the senses.

But please don’t take a break from looking after your hearing – that’s important year-round whatever your age.

Our ears are sensitive and can succumb to ear infections like swimmer’s ear. To help avoid it consider using ear plugs or a bathing hat when you swim. Hot humid weather makes inflammation of the ear canal more likely to develop.

Health officials advise you to keep your ears as dry as possible and dry them thoroughly after swimming or showering. However tempting please avoid putting cotton buds in your ear and leave earwax alone, it acts as a protection against infection.

If music festivals are on your holiday to-do list please remember to pack the ear plugs, because when your favourite performers pump up the volume you may well need them. 

The music may be great but the buzzing or ringing noise you experience is a sign of permanent damage and the more you expose yourself to sound that loud, the more damage you will do to your hearing.

Sometimes it’s not enough to keep your distance from speakers or to limit your time in an atmosphere that rocks. Why not think about using good quality ear plugs which allow you to hear and enjoy the music but without risking your hearing?

Lasting damage to your ears is not a holiday souvenir anyone wants.

If you would like advice about your hearing or want to splash out on some ear plugs this summer, please call in at your local Scrivens branch.

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