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Listen up to the benefits of healthy eating

Post on 17th June 2019

Here’s food for thought, what you eat could affect your hearing.

We know a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are good for our wellbeing and that being overweight can take its toll in many ways. But are you aware that research has linked obesity to hearing loss?

One study, which followed more than 48,000 adults under the age of 65 over several years, found those who were obese had a 66% increased risk of suffering hearing loss for mid-frequency sounds than healthy-weight adults. There’s also evidence that healthier diets may protect against tinnitus.

More research is needed to identify why conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity are connected to hearing problems, but it may be due to blood vessel and circulation changes that typically occur with these conditions. The tiny hair cells that detect sound in our inner ear need a good flow of blood and oxygen to keep them healthy so they can do their job.

It pays to look after our hearing as once lost it cannot be restored so eating a balanced, nutritional diet is the way to go.

Here are five food groups that could help your hearing:

Omega 3 Fats & Vitamin D: Generally found in fish, such as salmon, tuna, trout or sardines. Omega 3 fats strengthen the blood vessels in our ear’s sensory system.

Anti-oxidants & FolicAcid: A regular intake of antioxidants, especially in the form of folic acid commonly found in spinach, asparagus, beans, broccoli, eggs, liver or nuts, can reduce the risk of hearing loss. Antioxidants reduce the number of free radicals that swirl through your body and which can otherwise damage the nerve tissue in your inner ears.

Magnesium: Commonly found in bananas, potatoes, artichokes or broccoli, has been shown to provide additional protection against hearing loss.

Zinc: Zinc can increase your inner ear’s resistance to age related hearing loss. This can be found in a whole host of foods from dark chocolate to shellfish, seeds and nuts.

Vitamin C, E & Glutathione: Found in an array of fruit and vegetables such as oranges and peppers, Vitamin C/E can keep free radicals in check and strengthen your overall immune system, thus reducing the risk of ear infections.

Cutting back on processed carbohydrates and sugary foods may be beneficial too.

If you are concerned about your hearing please call in at your local Scrivens branch for advice. Scrivens recommends an annual hearing health check for anyone over 50 to identify any changes and see what action is needed.

Its branches provide a free NHS hearing service for people who are eligible and have been referred by their GP.

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