Protect your hearing aids from the summer sun

Post on 13th July 2015

The sound of ocean waves, birds chirping and children laughing are all sounds that we associate with summer.

However, hearing aid wearers are in danger of missing out on these magic moments as heat, sweat and dust can cause potential damage.

To avoid the risk of poor sound clarity, short battery life or your hearing aid literally melting in the sunshine, we suggest you try these tips:

1. Safe Storage: Humidity and dust are not compatible with hearing aids. So purchasing a dehumidifier Dry & Store unit will help keep your hearing aids free of moisture, earwax, and bad odour.

2. Stay Cool: If you don’t have a dehumidifier unit to keep your devices safe and dry, store them in a constant temperature. Extreme changes in temperature can change a battery’s output, which can make them less effective or drain them of energy faster.

3. Find the shade: Your hearing aids are made with plastic and electronic components, which are sensitive to high heat. Direct heat for an extended period of time can alter some of those components or cause serious damage.

4. Keep Dry: Remember to remove your hearing aids before taking a cooling plunge in the swimming pool! Water and hearing aids are a recipe for disaster!

5. We also recommend you open the battery door on your hearing aids at night to help clear out moisture. Removing the batteries from your hearing aids won’t help save battery life, but it will help clear out moisture, which can affect performance. A dry battery compartment also means your electrical components are not corroded, which can prevent the need for repairs later on.

6. Slap on the sunscreen (but be careful!). The oils in sunscreen can damage your hearing aids. Take extra precaution when applying sunscreen along the ears, head, and neck. After applying, make sure you wipe your fingers and clean them of any extra sunscreen.

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