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Three good reasons to give contact lenses a try

Post on 28th May 2019

It’s good to open your eyes to change. We believe seeing is believing when it comes to contact lenses.

Here are three good reasons to switch from glasses to contact lenses.

1. Great for an active life

You don’t have to be super-sporty to see the difference. Glasses can get in the way of an active life, whether you are running, playing team sports or testing your stamina in a range of leisure pursuits. With contact lenses you don’t have to worry about losing your specs as you go for the winning shot or have your specs sliding down your nose as you aim for a personal best.

Contact lenses offer a practical, safe alternative to glasses to give you greater freedom. You’ll be less likely to lose or mislay them too!

2. Better vision

Contact lenses provide all-round vision to give a wider field of view, allow more stable vision and better depth perception, plus fewer distortions and fewer reflections.Whether you are short-sighted, long sighted, have astigmatism, drier eyes, are young or old, there are contact lenses available for a wide range of prescriptions.

3. Comfort

Today’s contact lenses are designed to be more comfortable than ever before, providing exceptional vision for those who require correction, even those people with a multifocal perspective. With practice they are easy to use so you’ll soon get the hang of it.

If this has made you think again then please call into your local Scrivens branch and try our three easy steps to contact lenses.

  • Step one is a free contact lens demonstration.
  • Step two is a ten-day trial where for just £25 you can be fitted with suitable contact lenses to take away and try at home.
  • Step three if you decide contact lenses are for you, we can work out a payment plan and the £25 trial fee will be taken off your initial payment. If you decide against contact lenses you will be given a £25 voucher to spend on glasses instead.


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