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Top 5 Make-up Tips For People Who Wear Glasses

Post on 21st October 2021

Heading out for the weekend or just fancy giving your look a boost? Here are our top tips to achieve specs appeal to ensure your make-up works best with your glasses.

  1. Get the foundations right

It’s advisable to keep your foundation light on the nose. If you lay it on too thick it will make the dents and marks the nose pads and bridge of the glasses leave behind more obvious.

  1. Concealer works wonders

Frames can sometimes create shadows underneath the eyes and magnifying lenses can focus more attention on the issue, but applying a light touch of light-reflecting concealer can work wonders.

  1. The eyes have it

When it comes to eyeshadow, using lighter and more natural shades on the lid is best, but ultimately it’s a matter of personal taste. Next, line the upper lash line in pencil or liquid liner. Don’t forget to adjust the thickness of the line to the style of your frames – thick frames require a stronger line while you can be more delicate for thin frames.

  1. Mascara a must

Mascara is a must whether you wear specs or not. To extend your lashes effectively, we recommend brushing and curling them before applying mascara. Choosing waterproof mascara will avoid causing smears on the lenses.

  1. Groom your brows

Get your tweezers ready, as glasses accentuate the entire eye area, including the brows. Keep brows neat and groomed, especially if your frames are thin and rounded.

And if you fancy refreshing your look completely it could be time to choose some new frames. You can find a range of styles and designer names at your local Scrivens branch.