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Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care

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60 Edinburgh Place
Coronation Square
GL51 7SA
01242 235220

Manager: Emma Gardiner

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Monday 9.00am- 5.30pm
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Optical Services

  • NHS Eyecare Services
  • Private Eye Examinations
  • Contact Lenses
  • Over 60s Eyecare
  • Free Kids Eyecare
  • Fastrack Cataract Referral

Hearing Services

  • Free Hearing Health Check
  • Digital Hearing Aids
  • Hearing Screening
  • Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Mould Retubing
  • Hearing Aid Servicing

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The Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care Cheltenham is located at 60 Edinburgh Place on Coronation Square between Iceland and Lloyds Pharmacy. Accessible both by car and by public transport, on-street parking, is only steps away from the Scrivens Cheltenham branch and a car park located behind the branch for longer stays. The nearest bus stop (A and F service) is on Edinburgh Place (local shops).

Services at the Cheltenham branch of Scrivens include NHS eyecare services, private eye health, contact lenses, over 60’s eyecare, free kids eyecare, fastrack cataract referral, free hearing health check, digital hearing aids, hearing screening and mould retubing. The branch also offers hearing aid servicing and hearing aid batteries and hearing protection is available to purchase. Looking for stylish designer glasses frames? Then Scrivens Cheltenham branch stock a range of designer frames from brands such as Pierre Cardin and Duck and Cover. To book an appointment contact Scrivens Opticians and Hearing Care Cheltenham today.

Do Scrivens Cheltenham offer hearing care? How do I get my hearing checked?

Getting your hearing checked with Scrivens hearing centre in Cheltenham is  easy, all you need to do is make an appointment using the online booking form, which can be found by clicking the ‘Book Appointment’ button at the top of this page. If you are in the Cheltenham area and have been searching for an ‘audiologist near me’ then Scrivens can help. Scrivens hearing centre is home to a professional team of audiologists who can perform a simple hearing screening (usually around 15-20 minutes long) as well as a more in-depth hearing check to assess the overall health of your ears.

Do Scrivens Cheltenham offer eye tests to the local area?

Scrivens Cheltenham offer eye tests to anyone living in Cheltenham and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re in need of a new prescription or have noticed a change in your vision, the experts at Scrivens Cheltenham can help. If you have been searching for an ‘eyesight test near me’ or need a contact lens replacement and live in the Cheltenham area, then you can quickly and easily make your eye test appointment at Scrivens Opticians using the by clicking on the button at the top of the page. . Our eye checks are recommended to everyone, whether you’re a regular at Scrivens and need to change your prescription or get new contact lenses, or you’re simply due a check up at your local opticians. Our eye tests can not only determine whether or not you’re in need of new lenses but can also check the overall health of your eyes, by examining the back of the eye and checking for any underlying health conditions such as diabetes or glaucoma. If you have never had an eye test, you can find out what to expect and how our eye tests work, by clicking here. Don’t neglect your eye health, make your appointment with Scrivens Cheltenham today, either by filling out the online form or calling the branch number provided below. Your local opticians is here to help, so pop by today.

To arrange your next visit to Scrivens Opticians and Hearing Care Cheltenham, please book online or you can get in contact with a member of the team by calling 01242 235220.


0.0 miles from postcode

Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care
60 Edinburgh Place
Coronation Square
GL51 7SA

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Branch manager:
Emma Gardiner

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With the success of Ted Baker men\u2019s range, it went on to launch a women\u2019s clothing range in 1995. \r\n\r\nAs the brand continued to grow, Ted Baker opened stores worldwide and became a global success. The fashion label rose to prominence through word of mouth, and with the help of out of the ordinary quirky campaigns. Today, Ted Baker offers a range of products such as a full clothing line including children\u2019s wear, fragrances, accessories and cosmetics. Ted Baker have also released a designer frames collection, which is available at Scrivens. \r\n\r\nTed Baker frames feature the signature quirky style which stays true to the brand. These designer glasses are both stylish and original, offering a wide variety of styles that will compliment any look. Come and see our new Ted Baker glasses in a Scrivens Opticians store now.\r\n\r\nBook an appointment at your local branch online, or simply visit us in-store.\r\n","parent":0,"count":202,"filter":"raw"}],"large_tiles":false,"small_tiles":false,"search_radius":999,"branch_radius":"","ID":17424,"icon":"https:\/\/scrivens.com\/wp-content\/themes\/scrivens-development\/ajax\/branch_map_icon.php?number=","lat":"51.902346","lng":"-2.1131545","name":"Cheltenham","brand":"Scrivens Opticians & Hearing Care","distance":"0.0","services":["optical","hearing"],"is_optical":true,"is_hearing":true,"optical_click_collect":true,"address":"60 Edinburgh Place
\r\nCoronation Square
\r\nGloucestershire","postcode":"GL51 7SA","phone_number":"01242 235220","url":"https:\/\/scrivens.com\/branch\/cheltenham-2\/?l=","today_hours":"9.00am- 5.30pm","optical_branch_no":"95","hearing_branch_no":"P00095","part_of_scrivens_group":false,"colour":"blue"}}