How much hearing loss requires a hearing aid?

Whether or not you require a hearing aid or not depends on a number of factors, such as the level of hearing loss you are experiencing and if it is expected to be temporary or long term. For example, a decline in hearing can sometimes be down to factors such as a build-up in ear wax, a damaged ear drum or an ear infection. These issues can usually be cleared up with medication meaning you will not require a hearing aid. Sometimes if a person has been experiencing a build-up in ear wax for some time, they may think their hearing is declining, when actually there is a simple solution for this.

However, if you have been experiencing a decline in your hearing loss over a period of time, or you have noticed that hearing certain tones, pitches and sounds has become increasingly difficult, this could be a more long-term, permanent decline in your hearing. It’s nothing to worry about – having a hearing aid fitted to suit your style and budget will improve your hearing in no time. Speak to your Scrivens Hearing Aid Audiologist for further advice.