How to get free hearing aids for seniors

As we grow older, our hearing can be affected as a natural part of the aging process. Not many of us notice for quite a while, but whenever you do notice that your hearing has changed, it is best to get it checked to find out if you need a hearing aid – not only to improve your hearing, but improve your quality of life.

Scrivens Hearing Care works with the NHS to provide hearing services in a number of our branches across the country, in order to help those who have been referred by their GP. If you are a senior, or you are enquiring on behalf of a senior, our advice would be to visit the GP about your hearing where you can then be referred to Scrivens. Or, alternatively, get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Our NHS free hearing aids for seniors includes a number of services, such as a comprehensive hearing assessment, fitting of digital hearing aids (where required), ongoing aftercare support and a regular supply of batteries. If you are worried about the cost of hearing aids and the maintenance that goes with them, you don’t need to worry – Scrivens Hearing Care is here to help, and many seniors are eligible to receive free hearing aids through the NHS.